Sun protection fabrics

Sun protection fabrics to make the most of the sun

The sun not only provides natural warmth in the home but sunlight also contributes to a better feeling of well-being.

But when the sun shines too brightly in the home or is too low for comfort, we must intervene. Sun protection fabrics or sunscreens on the outside of the house will help you actively enjoy your home all year round, while still maintaining the outside view.


Sun protection fabric for horizontal or sloped glazing

A skylight or veranda brings in a lot of sunlight, however, the interior should not heat up undesirably. Here too, external sun protection is a must.

Sunscreens, in particular, can be perfectly applied to horizontal or sloped glazing. Using this method, you can control the amount of daylight and solar heat at the push of a button!

Combinations with Velux® Modular Skylights are also possible within this product range.

Fabric sunscreens for sliding windows

As the first ever horizontally sliding sunscreen, Slidefix offers the ideal solution for sliding windows and corner windows. The sliding sunscreen automatically follows the motion of the window.

Thus this sun protection solution is perfect for an (angled) sliding window. Slidefix can also be perfectly combined with other screens from the Renson range.

Fabric solar screens for glass-on-glass corner windows

With Panovista you do not have to compromise the panoramic view from your glass-on-glass corner window. There is no question of annoying cables or profiles along the corner.

Both components of this fabric solar screen are simultaneously rolled up or down to ensure the desired shade for your living or workspace.