Mechanical Ventilation

Mechanical ventilation: an absolute must

Venting alone (i.e.: occasionally opening a window) is no longer sufficient to ensure a healthy indoor air quality. Most especially, because homes, offices and schools are becoming better insulated and airtight, ventilation is crucial. Only then, there is a healthy indoor climate 24/7. Fortunately, for each project there is a suitable ventilation system that meets the personal needs of residents or users. Renovation or new construction? Particular energy requirements? Specific requirements regarding the supply of fresh air? Acoustic expectations? Renson has a customized ventilation solution to offer you.

System C+ Renson

System C+

Also in this fully automated ventilation system, the fresh air is supplied in a natural, controlled way via the Invisivent window ventilation in dry rooms. The discharge of polluted air from wet rooms is achieved mechanically and on demand via Healthbox. This central discharge unit is equipped with integrated sensors that continuously measure the CO2, humidity and VOC level in the indoor air per connected room in the house. Healthbox, as ‘the heart of the Renson C+ system’, only discharges polluted air where and when needed, perfectly adapting to the lifestyle and needs of the residents. As a result, this is a very energy-efficient system, especially in a Smartzone configuration. Thus, the discharge of polluted indoor air from the bedrooms is achieved, so that you enjoy a good night’s rest. Thanks to the Healthbox 3.0 app, you also have a 24/7 insight into the indoor air quality and Healthbox activities.

System D+

With Endura Delta, Renson have a balanced ventilation unit that continues to operate much the same in terms of demand control but goes a step further than the existing D-systems with heat recovery (and in which both the fresh air supply and discharge of polluted air are achieved mechanically). With built-in CO2, VOC and humidity sensors, balanced ventilation is now feasible in accordance with your needs and lifestyle. And this is achieved with the lowest possible energy consumption and with the highest possible heat recovery (up to 89 percent). Thanks to an app, you can monitor the indoor air quality 24/7, program the ventilation level and can be informed when filters need to be replaced or inspected.

System D+ Renson

system E+ Renson

System E+

Those who opt for renewable energy, also find this one to their liking from the Renson range. In this highly energy-efficient ventilation system, the natural supply of fresh air is again guaranteed via the Invisivent window ventilation – as in System C+. Endura is the heart of this system for the demand-controlled removal of polluted indoor air in humid rooms (and in Smartzone configuration also in additional rooms). As with the C+ ventilation system, the indoor air quality is monitored continuously and internally by integrated CO2, humidity and VOC sensors. With the difference that exhausted heat is recovered for domestic hot water and heating at low temperatures. The Endura is always equipped with a conventional condensing boiler, which can help when the recovered heat is too low depending on the heating and / or hot water demand.