Retractable Glass Roof

Let the light in, naturally

Your home or business can always surprise you. It is amazing to realise how many spaces you can reuse, protect and renovate regardless of weather conditions to enjoy them all year round with Acristalia.

Discover the possibilities of Sliding Roofs- Sliding Series separately or together with our Glass Curtains. A system designed to create open spaces where the bigger space, the brighter it is, naturally.

Unique features for the most demanding needs

The Sliding Roofs in Sliding Series are a European reference in innovation on the enclosures market thanks to its fantastic features and its design: aluminium structure, exclusive watertightness system, motorised or manual opening systems, and possibility of intelligent sensors to open or close automatically…

Additionally, the Sliding Roof is compatible with Glass Curtains, offering the best enclosure structure possible that will satisfy the most demanding expectations.