Central Vacuum


Central Vacuum Systems are installed in homes or commercial establishments by means of a network of PVC ducting. It consists of a number of vacuum inlet valves located strategically, connected to the central vacuum unit, which is normally positioned outside the living area, like in garage or utility room.

DRAINVAC, Canada is a 39 year old company that manufacture wet and dry central vacuum system. Drainvac designed and developed the first central vacuum with a patented automatic drain. Our units are so powerful that the Drainvac Automatic central vacuum system can empty a blocked sink in seconds!

DRAINVAC offers some of the largest canisters available for central vacuum systems. They are made from polypropylene and parts are made from galvanized or stainless steel: unbreakable materials that do not rust. Installed away from living areas, noise from the DRAINVAC’s central vacuum motor is greatly reduced or even non-existent. Some of our models are soundproofed and emit only 58 decibels.

ZERA is the channel partner for Drainvac as its distributor and installation partner. Drainvac also offers commercial and industrial series that can even pick up metal scraps!