Improving your indoor climate is a question of smart bespoke concepts. You can depend on Renson for solar shading, ventilation, facade cladding and outdoor elements like pergolas, patio covers, carports, facade and garden elements. Renson blend in with the same look & feel and are characterised by their durability, comfort and supreme quality.

Renson pergolas come with aluminium basic construction and roof structure with rotatable blades with open position giving incidence of light and ventilation and protection from sun and rain in closed position.

Blades with smooth underside protection from the sun, rain and wind and it comes with standard integrated water drainage incl. PVC-tube hidden inside the column.

Renson Ventilation system

Renson Ventilation system keeps monitoring the air quality inside your home – it continuously monitors the CO2, chemical (VOC) and moisture levels at your home. The system sucks out the stale air when any of the above parameters go beyond the desired level from wet rooms and then supplies fresh carbon and dust filtered air through dry rooms ensuring cross ventilation. In the process, the Renson machine retains the temperature of the outgoing air to save energy using a heat exchanger.

ZERA is the channel partner for Renson and offer other products from Renson like solar shading screens, garden elements, sidings.