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Minimal line products

Casement windows Minimal line

Design, technology, structural excellence and luminosity: METRA Building’s integrated systems for casement windows and doors are distinguished by unique features that guarantee maximum living comfort. Not only that, the perfect mechanics and the predisposition for home automation, combined with guaranteed energy saving and high levels of burglar-proof security for private homes and public buildings complete the picture of a product meeting the highest quality standards.

METRA Building aluminium casement windows and doors are perfectly matched with curtain wall systems and can be applied to all living and architectural requirements. The original accessories complete the casement windows and doors, as well as the unlimited surface finishes.

Sliding windows Minimal line

Sliding windows Minimal line

Curtain walls Minimal line

Curtain walls Minimal line

Contemporary taste and great technology made available for architects and designers by METRA Building. Our Poliedra-Sky aluminium integrated curtain wall systems are designed to enhance the most ambitious architectural contexts at an aesthetic and structural level, freeing designers from structural constraints and offering them the possibility to make their design visions unique.

METRA Building curtain walls are a system capable of creating increasingly complex geometrical shapes in combination with glass, LAMINAM® ceramic, stone, wood and composites guaranteeing incredible durability, thermal insulation, soundproofing power, water tightness, resistance to air, salt and aggressive atmospheric agents.

The advantages are completed by energy saving, integrability with photovoltaic systems and high-quality opening-closing devices.

Performance, emotion and visions of the future with the Poliedra-Sky product range by METRA Building.

The ideal applications of curtain walls in residential construction are large glazing for verandas, winter gardens, stairwells and skylights in which they ensure a significant increase in brightness, use of sunlight and energy saving.

Balcony Minimal line

METRA Building aluminium balcony systems are synonymous with essentiality, durability and safety. Created to complete the range of aluminium windows and doors, the balcony systems are divided into a wide range of solutions that fit into the most varied architectural contexts: indoor and outdoor, parapets, balconies, walkways, corridors, stairs and railings.

All METRA Building aluminium balcony systems are certified to meet the strictest safety standards and guarantee maximum inalterability to atmospheric agents over time. They are available in numerous versions and in various styles with powder coating to ensure minimum maintenance.

The GLASS line is extremely contemporary, all-glass. A proposal that meets the approval of the most visionary designers and that takes advantage of the charm of transparency in the most appealing living spaces.

Balcony Minimal line